Divorce Coaching

No one wants to get divorced. Let’s be real. You have to split everything. Your kids, your money, your home, your friends, your life. When I embarked on the terrifying road of divorce I got many sad faces with pity and apologies and it felt like the world around me thought my life was over.

And while the process of divorce, the legal aspects, the logistics and the aftermath are painful and overwhelming, I refused to allow this to define me. The universe told me to reach out to a guy named Scott Simon, who I was only friends with on Facebook and knew that he had gone through a divorce and was kicking life’s ass. I reached out to him, ended up on his couch, connecting for hours and a soul sibling relationship unfolded.

He taught me about the concept of the Northstar. How when sailors are lost in the dark and cannot find their way home, they look to the Northstar to get back on course and can always find home. He explained that my children would need to be my Northstar. That in all decisions I would need to look to them to guide me.

From this beginning I have built a life beyond anything I could have envisioned when it was all seemingly unraveling around me. I have struggled to find my career calling for years and it has always bothered me, but when I realized that I was already doing it, by answering quiet messages or texts from others embarking on their own divorce, seeking help and guidance, that I found my place to thrive.

I am currently creating a practice where I will be a Divorce Coach for those whose intentions are to make this next chapter one of laughter, and bucket lists and becoming. This is not for the faint of heart, but I believe that I have found a way to rewrite the story of divorce for myself, my children and anyone out there who wants to do it differently.

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