Helpful Documents

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Resentment Inventory

Fear inventory


harms inventory

Am I an alcoholic?

Where to take someone to who wants to know if they are an alcoholic. (page 44)

This is the page I take anyone who wants to know if they are an alcoholic or not. Notice that there is an “or” in-between the two qualifiers.

“If when you honestly want to, you find you cannot quit entirely,” (this is because of the MENTAL OBSESSION). OR, “if when drinking, you have little control over the amount you take,” (this is because of the PHYSICAL ALLERGY). We only have to identify with one or the other to be considered an alcoholic. (page 44).


Step 8 List

WHO column is created from our 1st column of each of our 4th step inventories.  Copy each name from our first column on Resentments, Fears, Sex and Harms list. 

Then we pray about each person/institution and ask, “Am I willing to make amends to this person NOW-LATER-NEVER?”  And we put a check in each column.  

THEN we go over our 8th Step List with our SPONSOR.


Step 10: Daily Program of Action

This is the step we do whenever resentment, fear, dishonesty or selfish thoughts/actions come up throughout the day.

Step 10 is the step that allows us to stay unblocked from our Higher Power. If we don’t do daily 10th steps we become unblocked and either need to do an additional 4th step or we get so blocked off that the mental obsession returns and we drink again.

Step 11: At Night Directions

The 11th step is done 3 times a day. In the AM, in the PM and in between. Before we retire at night we review our day.

We use the questions in this paragraph to review our day so we can sleep soundly and so we can know what to look for the next morning when we prepare for the day ahead. I also use this time to ask myself questions about areas I want to work on. Such as, “Did I respect everyone’s path today? Did I touch my phone while driving? Did I carry the message?”

Step 11: In the Morning

Every morning I read pages 86-88 after I do my morning meditation.

Pages 86-88 help me set the tone for the day so I can pay attention to what matters and remember the tools I have. Like pausing and asking and waiting.


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